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Kill Tony Podcast

December 2017, comedians @tonyhinchcliffe and @jeremiahstandup decided to parody Tom Segura and fat ass Bert Kreischer's weight loss challenge and do a weight gain challenge instead. If Jeremiah won, he would get to host Tony's podcast @killtonyshow and if Tony won, Jeremiah would have to shave his famous golden locks of hair. Jeremiah hit us up to design and print a shirt for them and without any hesitation at all, this is what we came up with. We've had a ton of people contacting us trying to cop one so we are doing a small run. Goes to press 2/1 While you’re waiting, go check out Kill Tony episode 243 for the weigh in and 244 for the episode where they were repping L U C A

Check out & for more on these dudes!

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